Vi berättade i ett tidigare inlägg att skolan skulle utöka sitt sortiment med sminkmärket NARS. Och nu har äntligen produkterna anlänt!

Våra nuvarande elever har nu fått NARS storsäljare till deras makeup-kit. Vi är så glada att vi kan ge våra elever kvalité och variation till deras kit för att dom ska ha det bästa förutsättningarna både under och efter skolan.
Vi har även utökat med några ytterligare favoriter till skolans sortiment för att eleverna ska få möjligheten att prova på så mycket som möjligt!

Vi älskar dessa produkter och välkomna nu NARS till skolan!

Vi har samlat 7 punkter att ta lärdom av ifrån en intervju
med François Nars.

(Hela svar & intervjun hittar ni på ).

1. Take inspiration from everywhere.
– I still get inspired by the same things, but always keep an open mind. It could be the latest exhibit, a sculpture, a painter, or it could be somebody on the street. I’m like a chameleon—I pick up everything from everywhere.

2. Get Personal.
– Each product has an identity, a very deliberate name,” he said. “Instead of calling it ‘pink,’ ‘orange,’ or ‘blue,’ if you give it a name that refers to a movie, play, or a magical place, people start to develop a more special relationship with the product.

3. Stay Fresh.
– Hopefully there are many “Nars girls”, it’s not just one type of woman who buys the products, Mr. Nars said when I asked who the quintessential Nars girl is. What connects them together is the love for makeup, first and foremost.
It’s quite difficult to do, to establish a brand for years to come instead of something that comes and goes. After 24 years, the brand still looks fresh.

4. Give yourself options.
– You can wear no makeup if you want, you can wear tons of makeup if you want, you can wear red lipstick if you want, you can do a natural look if you want. There’s a multitude of different options today compared to other eras. Women less and less want to be told to do just one thing. They want options, they want what works for them.

5. Don’t be a prisoner to makeup.
– I think it’s when a woman feels good in her own skin, she feels good, Mr. Nars says of his own beauty philosophy. In fashion and in life, you want to find your own style. What makes you feel good, what makes you look good. I think it gives you power and you can achieve better. Makeup is only good when it’s an accessory to help you be yourself.

6. If you don’t love what you do, then change what you do.
– When I left the south of France to move to Paris, I was determined. I said I want that. I want to do this, and I’ll do what it takes to get it. If you don’t love what you do, then change what you do. Take a different job. I’m as passionate as I was when I was 12 years old. That’s the key.

7. Use an ice cube to your advantage.
– If you want to wear foundation, put an ice cube on your face after you’ve applied it. After you put the foundation and the powder, apply an ice cube to your face—it kind of retracts the pores. It’s good for your skin, too. It gives you a little rosy glow from the cold, and the foundation looks more natural—it won’t cake. Put light powder on top and your makeup stays very well. The foundation stays better.

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